Privatization – a hostage of Holkeri’s hospitalization

Prishtina, May 2004 – Kosova Sot claims that that a number of attempts to unblock privatization have not brought results so far. Hospitalization of Holkeri, involvement of Quint countries, problems with operational policies, reactions of the Government – are some of the ‘novelties’ that keep the process in limbo.

On this issue, Minister Ali Jakupim who is also deputy chairman of the KTA Board told the paper that he had no contact with the head of Pillar IV and was not aware of the developments in this process. ‘Now we see who is to blame for the stagnations. I knew from the very beginning that Marie Fucci is not the only obstacle. The unjustifiable stagnation of the past few weeks shows that the senior officials of Pillar IV are responsible for the total collapse,’ Jakupi is quoted as saying.