Tender for new power plant to be announced in March

The construction of new power capacities continues to be a priority for the government of the Republic of Kosovo. The Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, says that in early February, the Project Steering Committee has approved the projects draft documents and has taken the decision to open the four-week period for comments from the parties involved in the process. He noted that the tender may be announced during the month of March.

The Minister said that despite the length of this project, they have managed to sustain the interest of foreign investors to participate in the process.

Although objections from the civil society continue, he points out that the construction of the new power plant is necessary for the closure of “Kosova A” power plant by 2017, as planned.

This project foresees the development of a coal mine in Sibovc and the construction of the power plant „Kosova e Re“which should initially produce 300 MW of power.