Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund invests in government bonds

The Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund has decided to invest in government bonds. At this month’s auction, the Fund is listed as one of the buyers of bonds issued by the Republic of Kosovo.

In a press release, the Fund promises to continue with their purchase in the future, thus giving its contribution in developing and expanding the capital market: “Given that in developed countries, pension funds are the leading investor in capital markets, the Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund will continue to play its role in the further development of this market, thus consistently increasing investments in bonds issued by the Republic of Kosovo “.

The Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund operates in Kosovo since 2006 when it was licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo to operate as a supplementary pension fund.

According to the press release, the objective of this Fund is to be an important factor in the financial system, the pension market and to further develop the capital market in Kosovo.

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