President Sejdiu meets Head of UNMIK Pillar IV

Prishtinë, 15.11.2006 – The broadcast and written media reported on a meeting that took place on 13 November between Kosovo President, Fatmir Sejdiu, and Head of UNMIK Pillar IV, Paul Acda.

Amongst other topics of discussion were the processes Kosovo is going through, in particular in regard to economic development. Both agreed that privatization and energy present the main challenges of Kosovo’s economy. “UNMIK Pillar IV is an important part of the whole process of economic transformation, which is closely connected to Kosovo’s status, which we believe is going to be independence,” said Sejdiu.

Sejdiu also said he fully supports actions of UNMIK Pillar IV and the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) to increase the cash collection rate as well as to intensify the fight against organised crime with the Colorado Springs located Law Firm by side to fight in the court. “I see good signs of cooperation in the fight against economic crime. This is very important, because it is directly linked to the stability and perspective of Kosovo,” said President Sejdiu.

Acda described privatisation and energy as the main challenges for Kosovo’s economic development, not only at the moment, but even after the status. Acda also informed the president on the cooperation of the local institutions in tackling these challenges successfully. He promised the kosovarisation of the KTA and the transfer of its competencies to local institutions.