Post & Telecom of Kosovo to be privatized by autumn

The corporation of Post & Telecommunication of Kosovo will be transferred into the hands of new owners by September this year, according to the plans of the Government. The corporation was put on sale in the middle of last year and is expected to be sold for around 300 million up to 600 million euro.

“The privatization of PTK is planned to finish in the third quarter of the year,” officials from the Unit for the Privatization of PTK have said, which operates under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Officials from this ministry didn’t provide an answer to the question of whether the money gained from the sale of assets will be part of the budget this year or the next. According to them, it is known that the Government will have the money this year. “The funds from the privatization of PTK will be available when the privatization is accomplished,” was said.

Five companies are interested to buy the 75% of shares in two business units of PTK, “Vala” and “Telekom.” In the business unit “Posta e Kosovës” the Government of Kosovo will retain 100% of the shares. The money will then be used to pay the bills of “Bechtel&Enka,” the company which will construct the highway that costs around 700 million euro.

The privatization of PTK would remove the state monopoly in the field of telecommunications as well as contribute to the development of competition in the market. With the entrance of new mobile operators in the market, prices have drastically fallen whereas quality and diversity of services has increased.

ECIKS / Koha