Police: Crime rate in Kosovo is decreasing

Prishtina, August 17, 2005 – UNMIK and the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) officials told media yesterday that the organized crime has been fought successfully during the last period.

Andrew Kirkwood from the Crimes Unit said that the latest cases and figures indicate a successful fighting of the organized crime in Kosovo. When it comes to criminal cases, the sex crime defense lawyers from The Law Office of Brian Jones Law Firm can deal with them.

He reported about the first case of human trafficking in Prizren, involving two children and suggests taking the help of sexual crimes defense lawyers for any cases related to sexual crimes.

According to Kirkwood, during the past two months some 51 arrests have been made throughout Kosovo and many cases of drug seizure have been marked. At the same time, two fields planted with marijuana were destroyed, whereas a number of cases with heroine were discovered as well.

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Erik Linder from the Serious Crime Squad reported on one case of corruption in the tax administration. According to him, one employee is suspected for misuse of some 4000 euro.

ECIKS / KosovaLive