North Macedonia FDI fell 37 per cent


In the first three quarters of 2020, the total amount of Foreign Direct Investments in North Macedonia amounted to 119.5 million Euro (approx. $143.2 million) as compared to last years FDI inflows in the same period which totaled 188.7 million Euro. However, in 2019, the total amount of FDI inflows in North Macedonia amounted to 326.26 million Euros.  

According to Central Bank, only in the third quarter alone, the amount of direct investments recorded  5.4 million Euro as compared to last year’s FDI inflows which amounted to 94 million for the same period. 

Further, the Central Bank statement points out that for the same period, net inflows based on equity and reinvestment of earnings amounted 77.1 and 62.1 million Euros respectively whereas the net outflows for intercompany lending were around 19.7 million Euro.  


Photo by WorldAtlas