New management for Kosovos power plant

Prishtina, 30 January 2007 – Only a week after taking over the position of Deputy Managing Director of KEK (Korporata Energjetike e Kosovës), Edmond Nulleshi has made big promises – he claims to be committed to change the way of managing KEK and to take KEK out of its financial crisis. “It is high time for KEK to be managed as a business, “ said Nulleshi.

In his first interview as Deputy Managing Director, Nulleshi accepts that even though KEK is not a social and political institution, it cannot avoid the influence of politics. “We cannot avoid the political influence, but this influence should not hinder KEK to becoming a self -sustainable commercial company,” he said.

Nulleshi is not so enthusiastic regarding the Government’s request to take over the assets of KEK and to divide the company into “self- financed departments”. According to Nulleshi, KEK’s division should not impact the power supply or cash collection. It is expected that until June this year KEK departments divide the assets

Nulleshi was the Head of Budget in KTA before he was appointed for this position in KEK. He denies the allegations that he was appointed at KEK just to save the influence of KTA on this POE. “I will try to be independent,” said Nulleshi. Even though he was not earlier engaged in KEK, he said he is very much familiar with KEK’s financial situation, because while he was working with KTA his duty was to allocate the budget for Publicly Owned Enterprises.

Nulleshi also said he would make changes in personnel if they do not work according to the objectives he and Managing Director, Pranvera Dobruna-Kryeziu, assign. Nulleshi said that he would be focused on financial and collection problems, without showing details on the future commercial plan.