Master Plan for ski resort Brezovica unveiled

The EU office in Kosovo presented the master plan which will serve as a plan to develop a tourist center in Brezovica. The plan to revive the Brezovica ski resort envisions the development of a tourist center in the western mountains near the existing ski center.

“Brezovica has shown potential and undisputed success in the past and its development according to modern standards represents one of the best opportunities in this region to create income, jobs and dvelopment. For this reason, the EU has supported the municipality and the Government of Kosovo in drafting the master plan for the development of Brezovica, ” said the chief of the EU Office and EU special representative in Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar.

The new center, which will run throughout the year, will have the capacity to host over 10 thousand guests and will have a center with lodging places, restaurants and real estate.

The plan aims to make Brazovica attractive for investors while maintaining its natural environment at the same time.
The government of Kosovo is expected to organize an international conference in 2012 to attract potential investments from the public and private sector.