Major companies interested in Kosovo’s mines

Prishtina, 4 December 2006 – Officials from Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) and KTA who attended the international Mines and Money Conference in London last week addressed the media at the EU Pillar’s regular press conference.

According to ICMM, Kosovo was awarded the prize as the second most attractive country in the world for investments in mines and minerals, after Mexico. Ahmet Shala, KTA Deputy Managing Director, said that Crew Gold, Dundee Precious Metals, European Goldfields, etc., are only some of the many companies interested in Kosovo’s mining sector. “The majority of the largest enterprises of the world participated in the conference, be they in exploration of mines, banks, investment corporations, etc. The goal of the participation in this conference was to promote mines that are to be privatised, such as Golesh and Strezoc, and other resources of Kosovo,” said Shala.