Luxembourg to build two vocational schools in Kosovo

The Government of Luxembourg has signed an agreement with the Kosovo Government to finance the construction of two vocational schools in Kosovo, in Prizren and Ferizaj, with the total value of € 8 million.

According to the agreement, Kosovo Government will invest additional €1.2 million for the construction of two schools.

The agreement for the construction of these schools was signed in Luxembourg by the Kosovo Minister of Education, Enver Hoxhaj and a representative of the Luxembourg Government, Maria Jakobs.

The agreement foresees the modernization of education and professional development through the construction of two centers of competence, the secondary school for Trade in Prizren and the secondary school for Nursing in Ferizaj.

This project aims to developed curricula for the two centers of competence, training teachers, developing educational resources and cooperation of these centers with many professional schools in the region and abroad.

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe. Investments in secondary vocational schools is considered crucial for economic development of Kosovo, as these schools will prepare qualified workers for small and medium enterprises in Kosovo.

According to Minister of Education, Enver Hoxhaj, education system in Kosovo is adapted to the needs of the labor market and will contribute to sustainable economic growth.