Llamkos aims at increasing Kosovo export

Prishtine, Dec 1, 2006 – The factory for galvanized iron, Llamkos, which was privatized last year, has managed to sell its products not only in Kosovo, but also abroad. Llamkos represents one of the privatization’s success stories in Kosovo. Company’s Manager, Luan Berisha, says that the company aims at making this factory one of the most important ones in the region.

Llamkos has 456 workers, which is 117 workers more than before its privatization. According to its manager, the average salary is € 307, which is double of the salaries paid before privatization. Llamkos workers say they have much better working conditions now.

The company is currently increasing its production capacity. “Most of the product is exported to Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain,” says Berisha.

According to him, Llamkos is facing some problems with energy supply. “The company has presented to the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) the idea to construct a power plant for the needs of Llamkos, which would cost €18 million. The plan is expected to be discussed also with the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Kosovo (MEM)” said Berisha.