Kosovo: PTK Director calls to privatize mobile operator

Prishtina, 1 December 2006 – PTK Managing Director Etrur Rrustemaj called on the Kosovo Government and UNMIK to privatize more than 50% of the shares of Vala 900. According to Rrustemaj, the company could now be sold at the maximal market price.

“The privatization of Vala 900 was discussed during the incorporation of the PTK. Then I was against it because at that time Vala 900 was estimated to be worth
around €100 million, given the low number of customers. Now we have over 570,000 customers, so the real value of Vala 900 is around €700 million,” said Rrustemaj, highlighting that this price would fall once the second mobile telephony operator is selected.

TRA Head Anton Berisha said Vala 900 should be privatized after the definition of Kosovo’s status.