Limak officially takes over Kosovo’s only airport

The Turkish-French consortium, Limak-Airport de Lyon MAS, officially took over the full responsibilities of Prishtina International Airport in which case a ceremony was held as well.

One official from Limak-Kosovo said, “We are very happy to fulfil all of our obligations to the Republic of Kosovo and to complete the takeover. We will work as one for the success and continuity of the project.”

The feeling was mutual for the now former directors of the airport. “It is the first huge project of public –private partnership in Kosovo, one which will result as successful because behind it is a financially strong company. I feel very happy and excited that we pass our company to a well known financially private company with perspective,” they said.

The deal assigns Limak the right to manage the only airport in Kosovo for the next 20 years. Limak also takes on the responsibility to modernize the infrastructure, expand the airport to 25,000 square meters and invest 100 million Euros.

ECIKS / Press Release from Prishtina International Airport