Kosovo: World Bank to take over the energy project

Prishtina, 13 April 2007 – According to high-level international sources the project to build Power plant Kosovo C was taken under control by the World Bank. This change was made because the representatives of World Bank are unsatisfied with the process of building the power plant. According to the source this change has been made in order to avoid potential misuse.

“From now on all financial transactions and further steps will go through the World Bank”, said the source.

Minister of MEM, Ethem Ceku, stressed that no decision will be taken without the prior approval of Washington, respectively the World Bank.

The World Bank neither denied nor affirmed the temporary blockage of this tender.

The general estimations for building the power plant are between 2.3 to 2.7 billion EUR. Out of ten bidding companies, the Steering Committee selected only four consortiums: CEZ/AES from Czech Republic and USA, EnBW/WGI from Germany and USA, Enel/Sencap from Italy, Greece and USA and the last is RWE Power AG from Germany. The winner of this tender should be selected at the beginning of next year.