Kosovo: Vala 900 begins to send SMS abroad

Prishtinë, Apr 24, 2006 – Sources within the PTK have stated that a pilot stage has begun within the PTK for sending SMS abroad “We have begun a testing phase of sending SMS abroad. The phase will soon come to an end expenses per SMS will amount to 13.5 cents” stated a PTK source for Kosovar daily Express, adding that sending SMS abroad will be possible to 60 operators and by the end of next week, once the pilot phase comes to an end, it will be possible to send SMS messages to 300 operators.

PTK Information Manager Seremb Gjergji told Express that activities are taking place for providing Vala 900 subscribers with services not provided so far. “We are doing this in order to have the opportunity to send SMS abroad. The PTK management will decide on the most effective option within two weeks,” stated Gjergji for Express.

Apart from SMS, implementing Phase IV will enable multi-media messages (MMS), video and sound messages, GPRS and other services required by clients, reported Express. “Starting on Friday, citizens will have to dial the prefix 044 before the number since we are passing from the third development stage to the fourth,” stated Gjergji, adding that this will have no negative impact on subscribers.

“We have installed 6 base stations, consisting of three antennas each. Additional 96 antennas are expected to be installed within the year,” said Gjergji.