Kosovo: KTA blocks employees’ rights

Prishtinë, Apr 24, 2006 – Through 12 rounds of privatization, over 200 large and medium Socially Owned Enterprises (SOE) have changed their proprietary status, reported Bota Sot.

Apart from regular and special spin-off privatization procedures, the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) operational policies determined that former enterprise workers should receive their 20 % shares. Still, only a small number of employed workers have enjoyed that right.

According to KTA officials, although privatization has begun a long time ago, many issues and obligations remain unsolved. These issues mainly deal with the employees of socially owned enterprises which underwent privatization.

However, the chief manager of the privatization process, KTA, has many issues pending. As known, 12 privatization rounds were announced, however only five of them have been completed. Only 4.676 out of 40.000 estimated employees have received their 20% shares from “their” enterprise, reported Bota Sot.

Kosovo Labor Unions have reacted numerous times, but to no avail. Regarding blocking employees’ rights, KTA replies with justifications such as “inaccurate lists of workers,” “court clumsiness,” ” a tremendous deal of work, which sometimes cannot be completed on time, ” reported Bota Sot.

The decision regarding the distribution of the 20% shares was taken last September by KTA. Now, there are seven privatization rounds to take care of. KTA officials continue with their promises about the issues being solved without further delay. What else can employees who sold “their” enterprises do, except believe them and keep on waiting?