Kosovo Travel Day Fair (22 April 2010)

22.04.2010 · 16:30 – 20:00 Grand Hotel Prishtina

Exactly one year ago, the Kosovo Tourism Association (KOTAS), supported by the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program, organized the first Travel Day Fair in Kosovo, which had the theme “Stay the Weekend – Experience Kosovo.” Some 40 local tourism providers introduced inbound tourism destinations and tourism offers to the international and Kosovo public. The event was visited by approximately 1,000 people and helped many Kosovo travel agencies and tour operators realize new business opportunities for in-bound tourism.

On April 22, 2010, the Travel Day Fair 2010 is organized again by KOTAS and supported by the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program. This time, over 70 exhibitors are presenting their in-bound tourism offers – tours, handicrafts, wine tasting, and many others.

The event will also introduce two new initiatives supported by the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program and its inbound tourism program: a catalog of about 30 local tourism offers, and a tourism website, www.KosovoGuide.com , featuring not only these offers, but also information about hotels and restaurants, information about upcoming events and information about Kosovo and its regions.

A gastronomy competition will be organized prior to the fair, and the winners will be announced during the opening session.

Tourism plays a significant role in the economies of transitional and developing countries. Kosovo has recognized the potential of in-country tourism for stimulating economic growth. By helping develop a viable alternative tourism product in Kosovo, the USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program helps strengthen the local economy through an increase in sector revenue, employment and investment.