Kosovo to produce Chinese iPhones?

The Chinese company Unicom was granted the regulatory approval to sell its operating system for mobile phones and it seeks to cover a great area with its products. In order to do this, representatives of Unicom China said that they may relocate manufacturing in Kosovo. The reasons for this seem to be the personnel and the great need for workforce, two factors which make Kosovo a strategic country.

Another reason why Unicom China is oriented towards Kosovo is not only the growing economy but also the competitiveness of Kosovo in foreign markets. Based on the quality of the iPhone, Unicom would be able to produce the same product at only 10% of the regular price.

The quality of this product would be at the same standard with that of other prestigious companies around the world, and it would use Android as an operating system. This way, a phone produced in Kosovo would be named U-Phone and it would be licensed by the company Huawei.

The general manager of Unicom, Zhang Zhijang, said that the possibility of taking over the entire telephone system of Kosovo would be a great opportunity because the competition would find it very difficult to cope with the same products.

ECIKS / Koha