Kosovo to issue government bonds starting from this month

All legislative and technical preparations for the issuing of government bonds that will start this month have been made, stated an official of the Ministry of Finance.

“Regarding the issue of government bonds, it is set to begin in January. All the preparations for this have been made, both in legislative or in technical terms, namely software, human resources development and others “, stated an adviser to the Minister of Finance.

Meanwhile, in December last year, a regulation for the primary and secondary market of government bonds was signed between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Kosovo.

In addition, a calendar of bonds provided for 2012 has been compiled. This government bonds platform, where the auction results will be approved, will be directly accessible by officials of the Treasury Department.

Initially, it was announced that the government plans to collect 74 million euros from the. “All these will be going to the state budget, meaning the treasury account of the Ministry of Finance, and from there will be used as all other income in accordance with the budget law” was stated further.

Commercial banks in Kosovo have already expressed interest in investing in Kosovo government bonds.