Kosovo: to early to privatize public companies

Prishtinë, 16 April 2007 – Economy experts believe that statements of some Kosovar Government representatives regarding possible privatisation or concession for a part of Kosovo Energetic Corporation (KEK) and Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) were made too early. The experts believe that such statements can be made only after a feasibility study takes place.

According to economy expert Muhamet Mustafa, before any steps are taken, the Kosovo Government should devise a strategy, otherwise “mistakes of the privatisation process” will once again repeat themselves.

“Concession can take place in several ways. There are many things to be discussed in a transparent manner since public property belongs to all Kosovars,” stated Mustafa.

Another expert, Musa Limani believes that at this stage, big Publicly Owned Enterprises (POEs) should continue to be managed by the state, as these enterprises continue to generate profit.

Both Mustafa and Limani said that complex analyses of all steps in macro-economic development are required.