Kosovo to chair the Presidency of CEFTA

Kosovo is expected to chair the Presidency of CEFTA, the Central European Free Trade Agreement, by succeeding Serbia. Officials in Kosovo have seen this as a positive step both economically and politically. When Kosovo joined CEFTA in July 2007, the agreement was signed by UNMIK official on behalf of Kosovo. In 2008 Kosovo ceased using UNMIK symbols after independence, which led to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina blocking the entry of goods with the symbols of Kosovo.

Officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry say that chairing this Presidency “shows that Kosovo has capacities to manage international and cross-regional projects, beyond its borders.” In addition, the chairing of Presidency is expected to give Kosovo a better image in Europe and help overcome other technical or political problems.

CEFTA is a free-trade agreement that consists of 8 member states, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.