Kosovo: the sale of VALA is a priority

Prishtina, 2 January 2008 – In an interview for the Kosovar media, the chief of UNMIK Pillar IV, Paul Acda, said that the privatisation of Kosovar mobile telephony operator VALA will be the priority for 2008.

Acda also hopes that the ski-resort Brezovica in the south of Kosovo will be tendered for privatisation in spring 2008. “I say that the privatisation is necessary, but it needs to be the right company,” he said.

Regarding the issue of mining complex Trepca, according to Acda, restructuring is a long process since one of the issues that needs to be solved are the creditor claims. ”When the creditor claims are reviewed, approved or rejected, then we will see which part of Trepca can be privatised in order for the enterprise to profit most,” he said.

The fate of the Publicly Owned Enterprises will only be decided after the Kosovo status. “For now the airport cannot be privatised, or given in concession,” said Acda.

The head of Pillar IV also stressed the successes of UNMIK Customs Service (UCS). According to him, UCS has achieved its objectives, and even more, they have exceeded their revenues targets in 2007.