Kosovo: privatisation process successful

Prishtina, 2 January 2008 – According to the director of privatisation of the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), which is charge of privatisation process in Kosovo, Kirk Adams, the process of privatisation in Kosovo is very successful.

He further added that the EU and USAID brought international experts that have experience in privatisation. “I think that Kosovo gained a lot from these people,” he said.

When Kosovo’s status changes, there will be changes in legislation. The kosovarisation of KTA will be done. “The privatisation department will be led by locals and in my place will come a Kosovar. But there will be international advisors that will help locals,” said Adams.

Adams further said that the privatisation of SOEs in Kosovo has revived the economy of Kosovo. As success stories he mentioned the privatisation of nickel producing plant “Ferronikeli”, “Llamkos” and the Tobacco Factory.