Kosovo starts the privatization of Trepça!

The Supreme Court of Kosovo, after long deliberations, gave permission to the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo (PAK) to begin the sale of metallurgical giant Trepça. The privatization will begin with its seven divisions, moving on later with the main one in Stantërg.

The Court granted legal permission to divisions FBI in Peja, FBNiCd in Gjilan, Famipa in Prizren, Metaliku in Gjakova, FAPOL in Podujeva, Factory of Hunting Ammunitions in Skenderaj and the colour factory Extra in Vushtrri. The news for the legal permission was also confirmed by officials from PAK.

“So far, the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court has granted the permission for privatization to seven of them [divisions] and the privatization will begin this year,” officials from PAK have said.

Trepça, once the giant from Balkans, has been inoperative ever since the end of the ‘80s making the utilisation of its potentials impossible. The great reserves of zinc, lead, silver and gold still remain idle and are out of production due to the degradation of Trepça’s capital goods. Privatization is the only way through which Trepça can be reactivated, have its capacities put to use, employ beyond locally, generate profits, as well as preserve its capital value in the future.

ECIKS / Gazeta Express