Kosovo starts implementation of the strategy for SME development

The implementation of the Strategy for development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which engages all Kosovo institutions to support the private sector, has started.

During an informational conference for private sector developments, held today in Pristina, Granit Berisha, head of the SME Agency of Kosovo said: “The Agency is committed to bring into life this document, playing a coordinating role and that of reporting on progress.“

Berisha stressed that other institutions have also been mobilized to monitor progress in meeting all of the 138 objectives of the Strategy for support of SMEs.

The design and preparation of the implementation plan has been supported by the technical assistance of the EU Office in Kosovo. This project assists the Agency to support SMEs in strengthening the public-private partnership, raising the competitiveness of the private sector and legal reform.

Projects and activities aimed at implementing the various objectives of the strategy have also been presented in this informational conference.

/ Koha /