Kosovo Skiing Center to be privatized

Prishtina, 6 September 2007 – Kosovar media reports that UN Headquartes in New York has finally given the green light for the privatisation of the Skiing Center Brezovica.

As reported, the letter with the affirmation for privatising Brezovica has reached Kosovo at the end of last week. “As the Municipality of Shterpce and the management of the enterprise have agreed, one can proceed with the privatization,” reads the letter.

The Minister of Economy and Finances (MEF), Haki Shatri said that the privatisation of the Recreational Skiing Center of Brezovica would be a great step forward in the privatisation process. Now that the approval of the UN has been obtained, the issue of tender for Brezovica will be discussed during the next Board meeting of the Kosovo trust Agency (KTA), expected to be held on September 18. The tender announcement for Brezovica is expected to take place in October. “The KTA Board will approve the privatisation of Brezovica,” stated Minister Shatri.