Kosovo: Serbia funded the war with “Trepça” money

Prishtinë, Apr 19, 2006 – The Minister of Economy and Finance, Haki Shatri, said last week that the Kosovo Government will be able to take responsibility for the real obligations of “Trepça”, but not the requests of companies which claim to be investors at the complex – which he says do not exist.

“If such claims are real, maybe we will undertake obligations – but only after verification,” Shatri told Kosovar daily Lajm. He says that the Government shall not pay for false investments. “We cannot accept the debts post-1989 currently burdening Trepça – while there is no clear basis for them”.

Minister Shatri said that the Administrator should be selected through a tender published by the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court. He said that reportedly 91 claims by different companies have been filed and that half of these claims total €75 million.

“The KTA covers the management of socially-owned enterprises. At this time, our Ministry does not have any competency in this field,” said Agron Dida, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining.

Ahmet Shala, Deputy Director of the KTA, did not wish to talk about “Trepça”, since he is planning to have a presentation on it this Friday.

The newly nominated administrator shall be competent for re-organization, bankruptcy and then privatisation of Trepça.