Kosovo: Second mobile operator in 2-3 months

Prishtinë, Nov 22, 2005 – In an interview with “Zëri”, Minister of Transport and Telecommunication of Kosovo, Qemajl Ahmeti, said: “Following the establishment of the Kosovo Trust Agency and transfer of competencies to UNMIK Pillar IV, the relations between our ministry and Post Telecom of Kosovo have been very difficult. I want to stress that we had more competencies during the co-governance as the Post and Telecom Department than now as Ministry.

“This is either due to the misinterpretation of the Constitutional Framework, or interests, unknown to me.”

Speaking about the tariffs offered by the PTK, the Minister said: “The policy developed in the PTK was not useful, since they have written about the increase of capacities, but not about giving new services.” As for a second mobile operator, Ahmeti said: “We plan that the procedures will be completed in two-three months, depending on procurement. However, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Kosovo (TRA) has done the necessary preparations and announced the tender for a consulting company [which will re-evaluate the tender for second mobile telephony].

We have also established a commission that will select the company. The commission will comprise representatives from Kosovo’s Ministry of Transport, TRA and UNMIK.