Estimations of Mineral Wealth of Kosovo – “unprofessional”

Prishtinë, Nov 22, 2005 – The Director of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals of Kosovo (ICMM), Rainer Hengstmann, concluded after a research that the mineral wealth of Kosovo is estimated at 13,5 billion USD, Kosovar daily “Lajm” reports. But metallurgy and mining experts in Kosovo said these were unprofessional.

Academic Minir Dushi said he heard for the first time from the ICMM that the mineral wealth could be measured with money. “In the last research that we have made in 1986, there were 37.7 tons of reserves of lead, zinc, and silver at Trepça,” said Dushi.

According to Dushi, mineral wealth should be verified every three years. But he has never heard that anybody made any verification since 1986. Meanwhile, Izet Ibrahimi, Metallurgy Expert said that Kosovo’s mineral wealth is much higher than reported by ICMM. “This calculation was based only on the verified reserves. I thin that the real value is higher than estimated by the ICMM.”

Ibrahimi said that the latest estimations were made by unprofessional staff just to reduce the value of the mineral wealth of Kosovo. An Advisor at the Kosovo Ministry of Energy and Mining said that it is difficult to determine the mineral wealth of Kosovo, because it depends on the price, which varies on the stock market.

However, Academic Dushi said that it is a big mistake to evaluate the mineral wealth with money, given the fact that mineral prices varies almost every day. The search conducted by ICMM might have a certain goal, but Dushi does not want to prejudice anything without being well informed. “A research of mineral wealth requires time and great commitment by experts,” he said. “Internationals come to Kosovo with the assumption that the know everything.

According to him only 70 % of Kosovo’s mineral wealth has been explored so far.