Kosovo: Second bidder buys Rahoveci Winery

Prishtinë, Apr 12, 2006 – Since the first bidder failed to pay the first instalment of the payment, the buyer of Rahoveci/ Orahovac winery is the second bidder with €5 million. The capacity of this company is €50 million liters of wine and other non alcoholic drinks, while it has also 600 hectares of vineyards in good condition.

The directorate for agriculture in Rahovec/Orahovac said that the second bidder has paid 630,000 Euro, and is expected to pay the other part of the €5m next week.

“The first bidder was eliminated by the KTA, since it failed to pay the first instalment, so we have the second bidder by the known American-Albanian businessman, Harry Bajraktari with Frutti Company. We have information that he paid the first amount of €630,000,” said Avdullah Kryeziu, Head of the Agriculture Directorate in Rahovec/Orahovac.