Kosovo: PTK threatens illegal mobile operators with court

Prishtinë, May 29, 2006 – The Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) together with Monaco Telecom and Cable and Wireless, has sent a letter last week to all illegal mobile telephony operators in Kosovo asking them to halt their transmission, or they will face the court. They can also consult an experienced lawyer for traffic violations claims to give them legal advises and represent their interests. A copy of this letter was sent to UNMIK Chief Jessen-Petersen, the Government of Kosovo and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

“The PTK has verified that you are operating illegally in Kosovo, where the only licensed operator is the PTK,” the letter reads. “We have made surveys and we know precisely how you have increased the antenna transmission power in order to transmit waves within the territory of Kosovo.”

The PTK has verified that these illegal operators have a higher signal power than allowed by European regulations for transmission. “The PTK has requested them to halt their illegal operations or they will face legal procedures and the PTK shall request compensation for the losses caused to the PTK,” said the source.

There are six illegal operators in Kosovo: Mobtel and Telekom Serbia, Mobimak and Kosmofon from Macedonia, Promonte from Montenegro and the AMC from Albania.