Kosovo privatisation fund in commercial banks

The Kosovo Trust Agency – KTA project for allocating a part of the KTA Trust Fund to commercial banks in Kosovo remains a project on paper only. The initiative to do so for the second time now has not yet proven to be successful. Nonetheless, KTA persists that the draft including all conditions will be finalized during the next few weeks.

“The final draft with the general conditions will be finalized during the next few weeks. Prior to a final decision on the matter, the draft will once again be reviewed by the policy-making offices,” stated KTA Press Officer Ekrem Tahiri for Express.

Another problem for KTA is the allocation of the 20% of privatisation fund for the employees of the privatised socially owned enterprises – SOEs. Several months ago, KTA has begun discussions with Labour Union BSPK regarding a solution for this very pressing problem. However, they have not yet come about with a clear proposal regarding the time when the strategy to allocate the means will begin.

As far as BSPK is concerned, KTA is always to blame for the delays in this process. On the other hand, KTA is quite surprised with the accusation of BSPK, especially since Head of BSPK is member at the KTA Board. The KTA believes that one of the main reasons for delays in this regard is the courts’ lack of haste in processing the charges made by the employees, reported Express.