Kosovo: Prishtina Airport lowers taxes for airlines

Prishtina, 11 January 2007 – Officials of Prishtina International Airport (PIA) have decided to lower the taxes for airlines, with the aim of decreasing the high ticket prices, but they will not lower the taxes for the passengers. “There cannot be a decrease of passenger taxes since it is under the SRSG’s competency,” said PIA Spokesperson Skender Bucolli.

Media report that the airport has decided to attract companies to fly from PIA to increase passengers and hence commercial profits by opening more stores (non-aeronautical revenues). “We are trying to create a equal balance 50/50 between commercial profits and those revenues from airlines,” said Bucolli.

Bucolli said that the airport covers 4-5% of the operational expenditures made by air companies. “The total of our taxes is around 20.53% and we do not have higher taxes than other regional countries, since we do not charge for a number of services,” said Bucolli.

Travel agencies claim that due to the fact that airlines serving the airport are located far away and the additional expenses that air companies make, the flights have become more expensive.