Kosovo: nomination of board members of POEs delayed

Prishtina, 7 August 2007 – The Kosovar Government has not yet proposed new names for the boards of the Publicly Owned Enterprises (POEs) and is therefore delaying the consolidation of the new boards. The Kosovo Trust Agency, in charge of privatization process in Kosovo, did not accept all names proposed previously by the government and asked for new proposals.

Based on the sources quoted by “Koha Ditore”, the government is delaying the process because of the negative response to its proposal for nominating Ramiz Lladrovci, Chief of Prime Minister’s Office, as member of the board of Post and Telecom kosovo (PTK).

The paper reports that the old POE boards keep on functioning and taking important decisions. According to Naser Osmani, Head of Assembly Committee for Budget and Finance, also proposed by the government for the new Airport Board of Directors, the decisions taken by the old boards are not valid, as the new boards are being consolidated at present.

Koha Ditore also quotes PTK Managing Director, Etrur Rrustemaj, to say that the boards of directors carry significant responsibilities and need to be professional and not politically affiliated.