Kosovo: MTI holds end-of-year press conference

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 – KTV and all written media carried articles on the press conference organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Minister Bujar Dugolli told the journalists that the ministry’s main priorities for 2006 were the fulfillment of standards, EU integration policies, trade policies advancement and the development of private sector, reported KTV.

Minister Dugolli said that MTI’s greatest achievement for 2006 was joining CEFTA, which will lead the country towards economic stability.

The registration of some 12,000 new businesses is also considered an achievement. Minister Dugolli reported that the import has increased for 6% and the export for over 72% during first nine months of the year.

Approved at the Economic Fiscal Council, the budget of the ministry for 2007 is €3,6m and will focus on a series of capital projects. Engagements in the amendment of fiscal policies, privatization, customs and central bank will be the main engagements of the ministry next year, so Minister Dugolli.