Incorporation clarifies property of Kosovo POEs

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 – Deputy Managing Director of KTA for Publicly Owned Enterprises – POEs, lir Salihu, said that the POEs incorporation process made clear the property with the help of and legal status of the most strategic enterprises of Kosovo economy. Three biggest enterprises of Kosovo, KEK, PTK and PIA have already been transformed into joint stock companies.

Due to political status of Kosovo, the only joint stock of these enterprises remains KTA. “The KTA has started this process in order to transform these POEs into joint stock companies by giving them a clear legal status,” said Salihu.

The international Managing Director of Prishtina Airport, James Johnson, said that he managed to increase the revenues of PIA within a year by €2,3 million. “We are proud that Prishtina Airport has been awarded as the best Airport with 1 million passengers,” said Johnson.

PTK Managing Director, Etrur Rrustemaj, said that his goal was the complete restructuring of this company. “The framework of the good management was established. We concluded 2005 with a loss of €963,000, but I hope that this year our profit will be around €45 million,” said Rrustemaj.

KEK Managing Director Pranvera Dobruna-Kryeziu, said: “The new incorporated structure that is established in KEK is a more modern and responsible management.”