Kosovo mobile telephony tender was fair, says UNMIK

Prishtina, 13 March 2007 – Two international members of the Supervisory Committee for the second mobile telephony operator in Kosovo, Ernst Tschoepke and Johan van Lamoen sent a letter to SRSG Joachim Ruecker guaranteeing that the entire tender process was fair and transparent, reported Express and Zeri.

“We have looked into the details of the tender process, the tender documentation, the evaluation scoring structure and evaluation criteria details and we have monitored the work of the Tender Evaluation Committee. We have come to the conclusion that the entire process was conducted in a fair, transparent and open manner,” reads the letter.

“The determination of the winning bidder was done without any undue influence and in a fair manner. Deviations in scorings of single evaluation committee members were insignificant and within the statistical margins of usual deviations in such a process,” wrote Tschoepke and Lamoen.