Kosovo: mobile operator licence signed

Prishtina, 8 march 2007 – Telekom Slovenija – IpkoNet Consortium has officially been announced winner of the license for the second mobile telephony operator in Kosovo. Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku, Head of TRA Anton Berisha and representatives of the winning company signed the license sold for € 75 million including the promise to invest another €150 million in the field of Telecommunication.

Participants in the signing ceremony informed TV stations that the entire process was just and in accordance with the law. “Prior to my coming here, the SRSG has assured me that the process was transparent and fair,” stated Prime Minister Ceku, adding that he has replied to a letter sent by an American congressman regarding the tender process. As the Prime Minister put it, he has attended the ceremony since Kosovo has sold a very expensive asset.

Broadcast media also carried background information on the process, including a press conference held by the legal representative of the Kosmocell Consortium, Emanuele Castrignano, where he speaks about his dissatisfaction regarding the tender process.

“We will seek justice for this matter at all the necessary courts. If we cannot find it here in Kosovo, we will seek it elsewhere,” Castrignano was quoted.

“We will begin offering services within the year. We expect to have 200,000 customers and gain 50% of the market with 1 million customers in Kosovo within eight years,” stated Bojan Dremelj, Chairman of Telekom Slovenija-Ipko Board of Directors, reported the media.