Kosovo Minister holds a special lecture in Forum Alpbach

Alpbach, AUSTRIA, 28 August 2008 – The Kosovar Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Lutfi Zharku, held a special lecture about Kosovo as an emerging state in the traditional European Forum Alpbach on Wednesday.

Mr. Zharku concentrated on economic issues during his lecture and invited Austrian and other investors to use great investment opportunities that Kosovo offers. “Kosovo has made a remarkable progress towards a market-led economy while the declaration of independence and the subsequent recognition by world’s biggest economies has removed the last obstacle for foreign investors”, said the Kosovar Minister.

The Economic Initiative for Kosova (ECIKS), a Vienna based organization promoting investments on behalf of Kosovo in the German-speaking region, has in the recent years coordinated the participation of Kosovo institutions in Forum Alpbach and other similar events in Austria.

During his visit in Alpbach, Minister Zharku also met Mr. Erhard Busek, the president of Forum Alpbach, Mr. Veit Sorger, the president of Austrian Association of Industrialists and Mr. Martin Bartenstein, the Austrian Minister of Economy. Future joint activities and cooperation were discussed.

The European Forum Alpbach is a traditional event where political, economic and society representatives from over 40 countries discuss actual issues and challenges.