Kosovo: Local businessmen in competition for Peja Brewery

Prishtinë, Jan 16, 2006 – Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has accepted the first offers for the sale of Peja Beer Factory, Grand and Iliria hotels in Prishtina, and Vila Germia. No details are provided from the KTA.

“We can not provide details. Bids may be submitted until the afternoon”, they say. According to sources of the newspaper within the KTA, only two offers for the Peja Brewery have been accepted so far, one from the “Dukagjini” company, allied with the current management, and the other one from Gani Dreshaj, with a beer production facility in Hamburg, Germany.

In the meantime, Zeke Ceku, Manager of the Kosova Company, says that he does not know who has bid. “Many companies visited us, but we do not know the number of bids presented, or companies in competition”, says Ceku. Remzi Ejupi, owner of Eurokoha Travel Agency, said that they have not bid for the purchase of Grand Hotel. “We did not, since we did not agree with the bidding criteria”, he says.