ECIKS completes the Study for ADA

Vienna – ECIKS has completed the study about the potential of economic sectors and enterprises in Kosovo. The study was conducted on behalf of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

ECIKS has provided detailed information and analysis of all economy sectors in Kosovo . Within the study, ECIKS has also conducted a two-week research in Kosovo that included the analysis of Kosovar enterprises, their structure, activities, potentials and strengths, in particular for the sectors of Agriculture and Information Techonolgy (IT). ECIKS has also identified companies capable of absorbing business-to-business programs of ADA and has presented a number of concrete proposals and projects.

These concrete projects for B2B cooperation between Kosovar and Austrian companies in the field of Agriculture and Information Techonology (IT) are part of the complete study that was presented to ADA on December 2005. ADA will now continue to search for interested Austrian companies / investors.