Kosovo invites investors at Forum Alpbach

In the organization of IPAK Vienna / ECIKS and the Kosovar Ministry of Economy and Finances, Kosovo has presented investment opportunities in the country within this year’s European Forum Alpbach.

The event organized in Alpbach on 31 August 2010 is the third such event organized by IPAK Vienna during this forum.

Representatives of Kosovo Government and IPAK Vienna have presented general facts about investments in Kosovo as well specific investment opportunities, including public-private partnerships.

The President of Forum Alpbach, Mr. Erhad Busek has also supported foreign investments in Kosovo in his opening remarks.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Ahmet Shala, Head of IPAK Vienna, Kujtim Dobruna and the head of PPP department, Lorik Fejzullahu have invited potential investors to Kosovo and have promised support throughout the investment process.