Kosovo: Highway to Macedonia will cost 500 million euro

After the new Government is formed, companies will be invited to express their interest in building the second highway in the country. The project is on the hands of the new Government, whereas the public-private partnership is seen as the best way to complete it. Officials from Kosovo’s Road Directorate say that this road will cost around 500 million euro.

“It has been estimated that the road will include tunnels and bridges at high costs,” officials were quoted by “Kosova sot.” The highway, according to the project will have three tunnels.

Even though the road between Prishtina and Shkup (Skopje) is only 86km, travelers have complained that it was in a bad condition. The main road E-65 which leads to the border controls at Hani i Elezit is endangered by landslides and winter months. The other crossing at Glloboçica/Jazhinca is not of good quality as well. The lack of road signals, long waiting queues and the need for snow chains make the road difficult. Since Macedonia is Kosovo’s second trading partner after Serbia, the need for a good infrastructure which links both countries becomes even more important.

The Government of Kosovo has paid close attention to the construction of highways in the country in order to improve the free movement of people and goods. After the construction of the highway between Kosovo and Albania, the Government has continued the construction of the other highway Vermicë-Merdarë which links Kosovo with the north of Albania and the south of Serbia. This project is estimated to cost 700 million euro.

The improvement of roads and the construction of highways is seen as an important step in the improvement of business climate in Kosovo.