Kosovo Government to privatise three major public companies

Prishtina, March 28, 2008 – In the regular meeting of the Government held yesterday in Prishtina, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, announced that, after numerous recommendations, the Government has reached a conclusion to privatise the three major public companies – Prishtina International Airport, Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK), and Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo (PTK).

“The Kosovo Government should engage in an open economy supported by the development of a strong private sector. Therefore, the Government is devoted to foreign investments and for this matter, we will take the needed measures in order to develop Kosovo’s natural resources through our private partners”, declared Prime Minister Thaçi.

This, according to him, is to be accomplished through the privatisation or through granting concessions on some of the assets of the public enterprises, by starting with KEK, PTK and the Prishtina International Airport.

Thaçi stated that the Government that he leads is devoted to the implementation of all the projects in full transparency and competition.

The Kosovar Prime Minister also said that, the executive branch will take all the needed measures for the maximal improvement of the energetic situation in the country, all in favour of the citizens of Kosovo.