Kosovo Gets an MVNO

US based telco, UNIFI Communications says that its subsidiary, Dardafone has signed an MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) contract with Kosovo’s main GSM network operator, PTK. Dardafone was granted an operating license by the regulator earlier this year.

After having signed the agreement on behalf of the PTK, Adnan Merovci, Chief Executive Officer of the PTK said “Today we signed heads of agreement and thereafter further details will be incorporated, following discussions to take place in the near future”. Merovci added that this heads of agreement is a result of the process that was initiated earlier and supported by the current Board of Directors and the definitive agreement to be drafted hereafter will be submitted to the PTK J.S.C. Board of Directors for approval.

Philip Walker, representative of Dardafone, thanked Mr. Merovci and his staff for all of their efforts in moving this project forward and said that Dardafone received its license by the TRA in June of this year, and developed the relationship with PTK so that they could proceed to begin the business.

Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) was established in 1999 and its GSM mobile phone services cover the entire Kosovo territory.

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