Kosovo fulfils conditions for CEFTA membership

Prishtinë, Oct 30, 2006 – With assistance from the European Commission (EC) and UNMIK, Kosovo has gained an equal right with other countries of the region to be included in integration processes such as Central European Free Trade Agreements (CEFTA).

Kosovo together with other western Balkans countries is expected to sign the agreement for membership in CEFTA in mid December. Kosovo has already signed four FTAs: with Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Minister Dugolli was quoted as saying that these agreements expand the market, create facilities for circulation of goods and encourage foreign investments.

Meanwhile, Stability Pact Coordinator for Kosovo, Gazmend Qorraj, said that customers protection is one of the functions that the FTAs will have. “If we are not competitive enough, then our 2 million customers will suffer. The main issue is that we develop those products in which we are competitive” said Qorraj.

Kosovo has already signed Free Trade Agreements with Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.