Kosovo: fuel price to increase for 20%

Prishtina, 23 Aprikl 2007 – The application of new administrative guidance of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in regards to the quality of petrol will result in an increase of prices up to 20%. Due to the blockage of barges with fuel by Customs, the prices already began to rise.

According to the vice president of Kosovo Fuel Traders’ Association, Fahri Ratkoceri, there is a risk of fuel shortage in Kosovo, or a high increase of prices. This is because the “OKTA” company, which covers 70% of the Kosovo market, has not enough fuel of a high enough quality.

Head of Inspectorate of Petrol within Ministry of Trade and Industry, Xhevdet Leci stressed that the focus of his Inspectorate has changed. “In the beginning of our work the main problem was licensing, but by creating the needed mechanisms we have gradually stabilized the market and now we will focus on the quality of imported fuel”, said Leci. Leci confirmed a possible increase of prices, from 10 to 15 %, or even up to 20%.

According to sources in MTI, the next meeting will be focused on this matter and there is a possibility of releasing the OKTA’s barges. “If this happens to be a big difficulty, we will discuss with the Chamber of Commerce and the Kosovo Fuel Traders’ Association about a release of these barges, but the parameters of the regulation will be applied for future imports,” said the source.