Kosovo: First Call in Ipko's GSM Network

Prishtinë, November 3, 2007 – According to a press release of Ipko Net experts of Telecom Slovenia, Mobitel and Ipko Net, have successfully made the first testing call, within the new Kosovo GSM Network. Ericsson’s main connection point was in Prishtina, with the first base station also placed near by. The installations of the base stations planned during the first phase of the project are almost finished.

As already known, the Consortium between Telecom Slovenia, Mobitel and Ipko Net won this year the concession for second GSM mobile operation in Kosovo. Next week, international calls through the new network 049 will be tested.

The Consortium has already started to implement their promise that the first part of GSM network will start functioning by the end of the year.

According to Ipko Net, over €200 million of investments are being made and most of the amount will be invested by the main shareholder, Telecom Slovenia.