Kosovo: EU allocates €20 million for utilities sector

Prishtinë, Oct 11, 2006 – Based on a press release from the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR), dailies in Kosovo report that in the period 2006-2010 the European Union will spend €15-€20 million through EAR on sustainable development of the utilities and the extension of waste collection services to rural areas in Kosovo.

Fifteen percent of these investments will be used to bring the utilities’ working environment up to modern standards. The remaining money will be used for trucks and containers, about 60 percent to replace old equipment and 40 percent to buy additional equipment which is required to extend services.

“Kosovo’s waste management situation has considerably improved since 2000 when the Agency first came to Kosovo, and I hope that the implementation of business plans and an agreed cost recovery strategy will bring Kosovo closer to EU waste management practices,” said Alan Brown, Programme Manager at the European Agency for Reconstruction. He added that he was pleased with the cost recovery strategy and the ambitious targets set by the utilities in their business plans.